PEST ELITE specializes in commercial, industrial and domestic pest control, using only the safest and most advanced products to target the relevant pest. We pride ourselves in understanding and satisfying our clients’ individual needs by using high quality products and providing excellent service.

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HYGIENE ELITE offers a wide range of washroom equipment and services, as well as deep cleaning and medical waste removal, transportation, and disposal. In addition to selling or renting superior washroom equipment, we offer only the best consumables for all our dispensers.

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Our Hygiene Range includes sanitary bins, soap and sanitizer dispensers, air fresheners, paper dispensers, toilet roll holders, wall bins and hot air dryers. Some of our other products include colour coded cleaning tools,  basic PPE, matting, cleaning chemicals and chemical dosing systems.

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PEST ELITE was established in December 1996, and HYGIENE ELITE in 2000 as a division of Pest Elite. Years of experience by the management team totals approximately 60 years. Our office is based in Worcester, and we are structurally geared to offer you the professional service that will ensure that your company maintains excellent pest control and hygiene programs. Our service follow-ups and after sales is something we pride ourselves on, and the back bone of our business. At Pest Elite and Hygiene Elite we strive to achieve a personal, friendly and happy relationship with our clients.


Pest Elite services the Western Cape only. If you would like a quote, please give us a call or fill in our contact form on our contact page!


16 Stockenström Street

Tel.: (023) 347 1590