Your Way to Optimal Washroom Hygiene

Washroom hygiene and cleanliness has a major impact on the way your employees and clients view your overall business. A well-equipped and hygienically clean washroom will also prevent the spread of harmful germs and bacteria to other areas of the workplace, and boost staff morale. Ultimately, we want to ensure the health of our employees – after all, illness impacts on their productivity levels.

By installing a few key items, you not only maintain the best possible personal and washroom hygiene – meaning fewer sick days taken by employees – but also ensure a clean and efficient experience for both your employees and clients.


Operate as an Audit Ready Facility Everyday

To encourage good hygiene practices at your facility, look no further than our ultimate hygiene packages. These packages consist of the essential items needed to make cleaning quick and efficient, while ensuring your facility remains complaint with audit requirements – creating a pleasant environment for you and your employees. Great for Pack Houses, Food Processors, Manufacturing Plants, Bottling Plants, Cold Storage Facilities, Wineries, Breweries, Bakeries, Juice Factories, etc.




Soap Dispensers

We have a wide variety of soap dispensers available. Options include manual and auto dispensing options, as well as ABS plastic or stainless steel finishes. Refills consist of liquid and foam formulations which are SABS approved.

Sanitizer Dispensers

We have a wide variety of sanitizer dispensers available. Options include manual and auto dispensing options, as well as the foot pedal stand. ABS plastic or stainless steel finish options are available to you. Refills consist of liquid or gel (both alcohol and non-alcohol), and are SABS approved.

Sanitary Bins

Due to sanitary waste being a blood product, it is classified as Healthcare Risk Waste (HRW), as it can lead to serious health and environmental risks if not disposed of correctly.

Our sanitary bins are the most hygienic solution for the disposal of sanitary waste, with protective bin liners and disinfectant / deodorizer powder.

Hygiene Elite’s sanitary waste collection and disposal service will help you take care of your sanitary waste. A certificate of safe disposable will be provided, which is necessary for your company’s compliance with South African legislation.


Paper Towel Dispensers

Using paper towels to dry hands, helps to stop the spread of bacteria. The rubbing process of paper towels physically removes bacteria along with moisture. Our paper towel dispensers are designed for public & commercial washrooms, production floors, food preparation areas, health facilities and other busy areas. Options include manual and auto dispensing options, as well as ABS plastic or stainless steel finishes.

Hand Dryers

Hand dryers provide an eco-friendly alternative to paper towels. Hand dryers blow hot air at a high speed onto wet hands to dry them, replacing the use of a paper towel. When combined with soap and sanitizer, hand dryers can play an important role in maintaining hand hygiene.

Our range includes the Excel V-Dry™, Excel E-Dry and the Ecoslender 1kW hand dryers.

Cleaning Chemicals

Looking for some cleaning help? Our range of chemicals can make cleaning easy! We can offer a solution whatever your priority; high-foam, low-foam, alkaline, food-safe, perfumed or not.

Colour Coded Cleaning Equipment

Colour coding cleaning tools can assist greatly in reducing the risk of cross contamination
and ensuring compliance to HACCP principles. This methodical approach associates
each product to a particular area, enabling inter-departmental or food type segregation.
Further more, by storing the tools away from surfaces and in a colour coded wall bracket,
they will remain hygienically clean, last longer and be readily identifiable if missing.

Basic Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment, or “PPE”, is equipment worn to minimize exposure to hazards that cause serious workplace injuries and illnesses. It is especially important in the food processing industry, where product contamination and infection risks stemming from the people employed in the manufacturing process are very high. Our PPE range includes basic items such as mop caps, beard protectors, sleeve protectors, aprons, overshoes, dust coats, disposable masks, disposable gloves, and coveralls.



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