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Airmist, with parented IPE (Intense Plus Events) facility, enables programmable fragrance intensity by allowing users to programme up to 3 periods per day for enhanced fragrance delivery to suit location requirements. Airmist delivers more neutraliser and fragrance with less propellant. The compact design enhances the image of the washroom. This product caries a 2 year guarantee.


The Quadrasan dispenser provides the most effective automatic hygiene systems that ensure clean sanitised and odour free toilets and urinals 24hrs a day. 99% of bacteria and germs are killed in the first flush. Hard water deposits are actively attacked while scale and unsigthly stains are prevented, eliminating the breeding ground of odour causing bacteria. This product carries a 2 year guarantee.


Even seemingly clean surfaces can harbour vast numbers of harmful bacteria. Easy to use Safeseat provides the individual with the opportunity to clean and sanitise surfaces such as toilet seats effective against all harmful bacteria commonly found on and around toilet fixtures. The product carries a 2 year guarantee.


The HXII soap dispenser has the ability to dispense liquid, foam antibac liquid, antibac foam and waterless gel formulations through a sealed cartridge and pump system all in one dispenser. The 0,4ml pump has the ability to dispense 1750 applications from the 700ml cartridge. A unique feature of the manual unit is the retrofit counter designed for back of the house hospitality and medical applications that registers the number of hand washes over the period of time. A retrofit elbow bracket is also available.


The femcare system has revolutionised sanitary disposal by introducting the no touch sensor unit which is a first in the continued endeavour to create a no touch environment. The once piece slim line design insures installtion is possible in even the smallest cubicle. A wall mounting option will prevent cross contamination from taking place. Colour coded accountability system to ensure that the bin is services. Manual option also available.


The newly developed Wastecare bin once again brings an industry first innovation to the market to take care of unsightly paper waste bins, where liners protrude over the side.

With its stylish, easy to clean flowing lines that will compliment any washroom, the waste care bin has a few unique an novel features, the most interesting being a hidden housing with the bin which conveniently holds a roll of continuous liners, which makes for easy bag removal and reload. It also has the ability to have the waste manually compacted into itself allowing a greater volume of waste to be dislosed of. A Wastecare colour co-ordinated chute system made from 2.mm injection moulded ABS plastic and a quick release lock mechanism adds a new value to Wastecare as we know it.


The Autotowel is a tryle “hands free” controlled paper towel system and is more cost effective than a convention free flowing dispenser. The paper lenght is electronically adjusted and the no touch auto feed mechanish with controlled second sheet delivery, reduces the possibility of waste build in the washroom. The Autotowel can accommodate a 2 ply laminated paper towel and also has the option of a manual feed unit.



Product Detail:

For use with Femcare Sanitary Disposal Units

The Durasan Synthetic Cartridge is a new upgrade component for the Femcare Sanitary Disposal System. The Durasan cartridge is constructed from recyclable rigid 0.6mm PP sheet making it easy to clean. The cartridge is resistant to moisture and odour providing an ideal upgrade for sites such as Gymnasium washrooms. It is also suitable for humid climates or extended service sites.

Durasan Synthetic Cartridges are designed for use with Multiliner Fragranced Degradable Liners for in-cubicle liner removal servicing. Durasan cartridges are approximately one third of the thickness of regular cardboard Femcare cartridges which results in a significantly reduced shipping volume. The Durasan Cartridge works with both Automatic and Manual Femcare Sanitary Bins.

For monthly complete Cartridge Disposal service, the original Femcare cardboard cartridge will still be available, however for in-cubicle Liner Removal servicing we strongly recommend the new Durasan synthetic cartridges. All new Femcare Sanitary Disposal Units will come equipped with the Durasan Cartridge.



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